Custom GPTs: Convert Anything

This GPT converts anything

“The ultimate file converter for images, audio, video, documents and more. It handles individual or batch uploads, supports ZIPs, and provides a download link. By Pietro Schirano”

How It Works?

Upload any file type and convert to what you want. In the example below I uploaded a 2.65Mb image and converted it to webp. The result is a 142Kb file.

Took the same image 2.65Mb and converted it to a PDF file. Result is a 209Kb PDF file.

Third test, uploaded the same image 2.65Mb and converted it into a Zip file. Result is a 2.739Mb indicating no compression at all.

Fourth test, uploaded a batch of files (images) and converted those into webp. I uploaded 3 files in the first batch and it converted all files into a compressed webp file.


A 2.701Mb files converted into a 117Kb Webp file.

The GPT doesn't support conversion into a AVIF file.

My Take on ConvertAnything

Good GPT and it does what it says but can't convert to everything as it couldn't create AVIF files.


  • Ease of conversions
  • Excellent compression ratio for webp files


  • Doesn't convert to AVIF files