Custom GPT: Portrait Cartoonator

Portrait Cartoonator it transform photo portraits into a cartoon-style image. The only style available is portraits in a Disney Pixar-style. This style is known for its unique 3D animation look, characterized by vibrant colors, smooth textures, and a playful yet realistic touch. Currently, this is the specific and only style offered for transforming your portraits.

How It Works:

Upload a portrait photo and eventual give it some supporting instructions

Here is an upload:

Img 0065

This image was uploaded without any instructions and here is the result:

Dorte Og Urs

Here is an output where the instructions was “The lady in the image has blue eyes, please maintain those”

Dall·e 2023 11 19 19.21.10 A Woman And A Man Sitting At A Dining Table Viewed From The Side In A Cozy Interior Setting. The Woman Has Striking Blue Eyes A Thoughtful Expressio

This is the prompt made by DALL·E – A woman and a man sitting at a dining table, viewed from the side in a cozy interior setting. The woman has striking blue eyes, a thoughtful expression

I uploaded an image of a laptop to DALLE-E, which converted it into a Pixel Art style laptop. Even though the title says ‘Portrait,' it can also convert other types of photos. You can provide a descriptive and precise prompt to get reasonable results. Feel free to experiment!

My Take on The Portrait Cartoonator

Nice little tool to fast create images for fun or for your Blog posts.

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