Custom GPTs: Convert Anything

A Digital Representation Of A Gpt Model, Depicted As A Futuristic, Ai Brain Composed Of Intricate Networks And Glowing Data Streams, In A Virtual Spac converting digital files

This GPT converts anything “The ultimate file converter for images, audio, video, documents and more. It handles individual or batch uploads, supports ZIPs, and provides a download link. By Pietro Schirano” How It Works? Upload any file type and convert to what you want. In the example below I uploaded a 2.65Mb image and converted it … Read more

Custom GPT: Portrait Cartoonator

Cartoon image made by a custom GPT called Portrait Cartoonator

Portrait Cartoonator it transform photo portraits into a cartoon-style image. The only style available is portraits in a Disney Pixar-style. This style is known for its unique 3D animation look, characterized by vibrant colors, smooth textures, and a playful yet realistic touch. Currently, this is the specific and only style offered for transforming your portraits. … Read more