COVID-19 Time to Act!

I have had this blog for years but never really updated it. It has been a test and playfield for me, but with the current situation, I thought I was time to write and help you guys.

So, I will try to come with some tips and tricks for you and depending on where you are it might be useful and you can take action right away or you might be a little clever.

Normally, you will be fed with messages that institute fear in a situation like this. Here is a fact MONEY will not vanish from the planet, it will be redistributed and there will be a time after the COVID-19. Depending on how you act you might worse off or you might be better off. It is YOUR choice if you take action on ideas, plans or new projects you are much better off than those who don't. If you aren't the organized type go and get the book Getting Things Done by David Allen. He also wrote the book Getting Things Done Workbook with Brandon Hall

This is a time for reflection on where you are in life and ask yourself am I in the right spot? If not what is the Next Physical Action I need to take to carry out my plan? Then do it.

Tip #1

One of the things business do in crisis time is that they cut down on advertising. So, now it is the time for your business to capitalize on lower ad costs. Use videos to promote your business, use it to brand yourself or position yourself. If you own a restaurant and can't serve customers. Make videos where you cook a recipe upload it to Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter. Ask for engagement like show a picture of your creation in the comments below and enter into a competition of the best and get a chance to win the dish free when we open again. If you make your targeting correct you can have video ads with $0.02 – $0.03 per view. Cheap eh?

TIP! Go to and search for ads that have been on Facebook to get ideas. The link above will show all the ads that Internet Guru Frank Kern has used on FB. Go and have fun.